Standard Utility Details

To aid contractors, developers, and engineering firms in meeting the City of Mount Dora's codes for utility design and construction, the Engineering Division publishes the following Standard Utility Details. 

This site should be checked for each project as these details may be updated without notice.

General Definitions

The following are the two alphabetic characters that are used: 

GU - General Utilities


PW - Potable Water


RD - Roadway Details

RW - Reclaimed Water


SS - Sanitary Sewer 

Sanitary Sewer 8.5 x 11 PDF
Sanitary Sewer 11 x 17 PDF

ST - Stormwater Details


Electric Service 

Rules and Procedures for Electric Service 


Lift Station Standby Power Generator System 
Lift Station Chainlink Fence and Gate Specifications  

Standard Document Templates

Covenant to Annex
ISO Fire Flow Worksheet 
ISO Fire Flow Worksheet Sample 
Maintenance Bond Template 
Meter Easement Template 
Performance Bond Template 
Utility Easement Template 

Trails Details

Proposed Trail Typical Section 

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